We have seen in Girls' Behaviour in Courtship Only the Man must ask that only the man can offer a date to a girl - the girl must always wait to be asked - and this rule is virtually never broken. There must therefore be a Brain Area controlling this. Girls may take the initiative later on - such as living together or getting engaged - but they will not take the first step in forming a couple. One might therefore also call this the Mate Offer Inhibitor.

As the Only the Man must ask says the girl will wait to be asked for the second and third date, but at some point will start to suggest things to do for subsequent dates - she becomes to feel that she is his girl - at which point the Date Offer Inhibitor begins to be switched off. We will return to this point. Putting this Date Offer Inhibitor Area with the other Brain Areas deduced together, we see the red arrow pointing towards the Stick Man is inhibiting the girl from proposing dates - until the Date Offer Inhibitor is turned off.

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