MATE REJECT - Isobel Syndrome

We have seen in Girls' Behaviour in Courtship The Isobel Syndrome that if a girl thinks a man should have asked her out but has not done so, when they meet again she may avoid him, or may be catty and uncomplimentary - and perhaps will deliberately go off and talk to someone else in an intimate way. The man may have been intending to ask her out, or was shy or under the effects of Mate Offer Inhibitor and could not think fast enough to offer a suitable date - he needed time to plan. This Syndrome is so common, and so disruptive, with strong rejection forces that there must be a Brain Area controlling it. Obviously it is a source of bafflement or misunderstanding in the man, and often prevents the relationship forming.

The rejection forces will decay with time, as the girl with attraction high finds she is not getting anywhere. We can also see that several of these Brain Areas are operating in conflict with each other. BASIC ATTRACTION may be high, LOVE Area may be triggered, with DATE OFFER INHIBITOR firmly preventing the girl from taking the initiative - and now MATE REJECT driving them apart. We can say that Cerebral Distress is occurring due to these Area conflicts.

This Area is likely to operate in other cases such as the girl thinking her man is misbehaving by being unfaithful - or possibly there is another similar Area. We are taking it as one Area which is triggered by behaviour which is typically understood can drive a relationship apart. What is new is that this Area can also operate before the relationship has actually started in the Isobel Syndrome

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