ROTHERWICK COURT INSPECTION 2008 Update September 2010 Update Summer 2015 Summer 2017

Further to my letter of 31 August 2008 I give below Rotherwick Court Inspection Report. There are links to the up-dated Bills of Works (you may have the earlier versions) which you can obtain by viewing this Inspection Report from the URL printed on it.


Roof should be inspected annually at this stage of its life. Inspection of roofs, Rotherwick Court Bills of Works No. 1: if chippings adhered to the felt; any blisters; drains free or blocked. Conditions of the 3 duct roofs (the drips down the service duct reported last year getting worse in heavy rains - I asked for assistance with ladder - when all these inspections can be done). Not done. Not done. Information not available to residents on required maintenance. Drips down service duct in heavy rain has stopped - possibly one or more of these repaired

Summer 2017: Likely problems with roof drainage - see PASSAGES & ENTRANCES/Tunnel.

Small Roof - This roof has been leaking, and correctly replaced. Drains from Flat 3 & 8 overflows correctly installed - but Flat 4's pipe seems to be sealed into the overflow so rain water cannot drain away, which should be corrected. Also there are no surfacing of chipping which is a constructional and maintenance requirement (only the felt surfacing sanding). The chippings should be stuck to the felt surface by tar. Inspection of roofs, Rotherwick Court Bills of Works No. 1. These two items not done. Still no surfacing of chippings. Cistern overflow above Flat 1 rectified. But massive vegetation growth on small roof around Flats 3 & 8 from overflow piping not being properly connected - will be causing roof damage (see Bill of Works 1 - Small Roof over bedrooms). Vegetation removed, but large pool of water by north drain indicate overflow piping still not properly connected - and vegetation re-growing (July 2015).

Summer 2017 Large crop of vegetation as above recently removed, and work done on the piping taking 1st floor Residents' overflows to the N & S drains. For the last year there has been a pool of water by the N Entrance - reason is this N drain cannot handle continious water flows from Residents' cistern overflows.


Most smoke alarms are not working when tested, replace or re-charge batteries Done

Light Switches the two ground floor new-style switches need replacing Done.

Passages: Minor moving in marks in both blocks, cleaned on both ground floors. By flat 7 door, couple of gouges where the corners have been chipped out Fill up Passage Walls & Touch-up, Rotherwick Court Bills of Works No. 8. Summer 2017 - generally in good condition.

Tunnel: Service Duct - both Plywood Covers (keeping in the insulation for the water pipes) deteriorating - plys coming apart, insulation leaking out. Insulation in Service Duct in the Tunnel, Rotherwick Court Bills of Works No. 28.
Summer 2017 Severe dampness around Service Duct, larger in the rain - this Duct carries roof drain, problem likely here. May be dampness in Flat 9. Further dampness on floor in SW Tunnel in rain, recently lingering well after rain - this likely near course of roof storm overflow drain to soakaway - again suggesting problem with roof drain.


Inspect Drains Bill of Works 11 which serve the flats from manholes in the forecourt. No indication this done.

Forecourt Wall: All the square caps loose, and also 3 of the long caps. Bill of Works 10. (recently re-built 2017)

Fence Posts - One rotten SW (Forecourt) Summer 2017


Upper Boards Bill of Works 23 The SE corner Detail has fallen off, the NE Detail is slipping down. Still these serious defects. NE Detail has been secured, SE Detail is still missing.
Summer 2017 SE Detail still missing.

Re-pointing Round Damp Course Bill of Works 18 In a number of places on the west and east sides the pointing above the damp course has gone to powder and needs re-pointing. Inspect the north and south sides of the block. Uncertain if anything done; on West side substantial repointing needed where its not easy to get at: under cills of Flats 2 & 7 and behind flower pots. Condition fair on East side but for significant stretch needed under Flat 7's cill. These repointings still required, with addtional long stretch coming out on the East side under Flat 2's cill.
Summer 2017 has been some re-pointing, except behind flower pots, under window cills, and approaching the Tunnel. Similar on E side, with patches not done under Flat 7's cill.

Dampness Survey & Re-pointing West Wall Bill of Works 19. Residents should be periodically asked if they have any dampness in their flats, for this has been a re-occurring problem in the past. This also has long term maintenance implications, and hunt for its cause needs to be mounted if it is reported. On the West wall there are 8 holes from fibre optics and telephone installation which need re-pointing. Neither done. Neither done, still 8 or more such cable holes un-sealed. Re-pointing needed on west entrance to tunnel, and southern part of west wall especially high up.
Summer 2017 Now 16 such holes, and 22 places where re-pointing necessary. See PASSAGES/Tunnel for a dampness source.

Replacing Tiles Bill of Works 20. Two tiles need replacing on west side of block by Flat 11. One is slipping and may be dangerous. Neither done. Summer 2015: 1 under Flat 11, 2 under Flat 9 with 1 slipping, 1 under Flat 5. One east side of block, 1 under Flat 9.
Summer 2017: On West, 1 broken under Flat 11, 1 under Flat 9 missing. East side, 1 under Flat 9.

Richard Whaley
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