The Ignoring Syndrome

A man is attracted to a girl, but he finds she ignores him. She doesn't avoid him - if he talks to her, she will answer, but the conversation doesn't get anywhere. If there is ordinary business to transact between them, it will be transacted civilly. There is no eye interaction, there appears to be no empathy - less than is always shown between humans who know each other.

It is stressed that the girl does not avoid the man (as we will see, if a girl actively avoids a man it implies high emotional connections with him). She just ignores him.

Then on some occasion she takes the initiative. It may be at a party, it may be out of the blue. There will be eye interaction, the girl will probably take the initiative in conversation. The relationship may develop swiftly into Magic.

What has happened? In all cases where Ignoring Syndrome occurs, the girl is very interested. But she is likely to be sensible enough to know her limitations, to know that strong tensions build up in the pre-dating ritual which can destroy the relationship if they go wrong. Thus she keeps everything on a low key, the man's approach is thus kept low. She bides her time until she judges that the moment is right, and the way ahead is clear.

The evidence is that such a girl may try and engineer several occasions where she can advance, perhaps picking one that her tensions can be reduced through drink, such as at a party.

Another variation on this syndrome is where the girl has a boyfriend, and doesn't want to start anything with a new man, especially to turn him down. Either way the effect is the same. Keeping the relationship in a low key produces the tell-tail sign that empathy is lower than generally between people who know each other - by which this Syndrome can be recognised in the field. But in all cases where this Syndrome occurs, the girl at some point will make her advance.

Generally, it is probably best to assume that the girl knows what she is doing, rather than try to force the pace with a date offer (as we have seen this can be dangerous before high interaction has occurred, and she may still have a man). Such girls generally are proficient in getting their man, in their own time.

There is a danger that the man will interpret the Ignoring Syndrome as the girl disliking him - but the interaction in such a case will be higher - there is a subtle difference. The man may thus get tense in her presence, and not be able to react properly when she makes her approach, especially if she picks the wrong time. The remedy is to recognise the syndrome, be friendly and relaxed, and await her advance.

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