Dating couples spend a lot of time cuddling, but always the pressure is on to go further. We have seen this in The All or Nothing Syndrome of Girls' Behaviour in Courtship, which results in increasing intimacy with time, and narrow bands of allowable behaviour - where a lack of intimacy becomes not allowed. We can understand what nature is trying to do, and there must be a Brain Area controlling it.

The Area is turned on by the Physical Contact Area when such physical contact occurs. It may be the case that the two Areas are one, doing the combined functions given to the two Areas here. The case for them being two separate Areas is that the Physical Contact Area has an Inhibitor, whereas the All or Nothing Area does not - while the All or Nothing Area has an effect similar to the Wild State Inhibitor. Prior to the date one may set limits to how far up the intimacy scale you will go, only to find in the cuddling part of the date that these limits are completely forgotten and cannot be recalled. This effect is shown on the right of the Area - designed to try and make the couple go all the way - which has similarities to the effect shown on the right of the Wild State Inhibitor (though here it is trying to prevent the couple getting together).

The All or Nothing Syndrome says that if the Intimacy is outside the Narrow Band of one of the parties the relationship is liable to fly apart - a Mate Reject Area will operate. In the Mate Unfaithful Area we thought a function of the Area was to monitor the conduct of the other party and trigger Mate Reject where appropriate. A girl's decision to end a relationship on these grounds is unlikely to be made while in cuddling - but outside the date. We will return to this in the next Area.

Fitting with other Areas:

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