Dating couples spend a lot of time cuddling, so clearly there is a Brain Area causing pleasure in bodily contact. It may be associated with the Basic Attraction Area - but for girls at least there is an Inhibitor preventing body contact unless the guy is her man - the Mated Area then turns off this Inhibitor. So it is probable that Physical Contact is a separate Area.

Generally the Inhibitor turns the Physical Body Contact Area off through the Red Arrow out of the Inhibitor pointing to Physical Body Contact. The Red Arrow into the Inhibitor from the Mated Area turns this Inhibitor off when the girl has a guy, allowing the Physical Body Contact Area to operate.

The Love Area if triggered turns this Inhibitor on for all persons but the object of the girl's love - the Green vertical Arrow into this Inhibitor - which results in the Physical Body Contact Area being inhibited for all other guys. We learned from The Clare Syndrome that a girl still in love with a guy she has broken up with will be inhibited from physical contact with a new guy she is going out with when the time would normally have arrived for such physical contact. This is operating through this route, with the Love Area activating this Inhibitor which is excluding her current guy from physical contact.

We have here a knot of issues related to couple formation.

Fitting Physical Contact with other Areas:

Matters may be more complicated than this, from the issue of Get-off at a Party. Here a couple who may not have known each other before, can become more physically involved than over a number of dates. The Mated Area cannot be expected to be activated sufficiently to turn off the Physical Contact Inhibitor, as there have been no dates. The ingredients of a party are: at the home of a common acquaintance (so there is a feeling of a common tribe), alcohol will flow freely (alcohol is a suppressor of inhibitions), there is dancing at which physical contact can occur - which other people are engaged in. We must assume that these ingredients will turn off the Physical Contact Inhibitor sufficiently to allow physical contact and also to allow the next Brain Area to operate at least in part - All or Nothing.

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