The existence of a Mated Brain Area comes from The Di Syndrome of Girls' Behaviour in Courtship. Here we saw that a girl can develop high interaction with a man she is very attracted to when she has a boyfriend - but virtually no interaction with him when she does not have a boyfirend. From this we can deduce that a girl's behaviour can be very different when she has a boyfriend, and this is controlled by a Brain Area.

Clearly from the Di Syndrome the first thing the Mated Area does is to turn off the Wild State Inhibitor - the red arrow from the top. This in fact enables her to interact with other men as seen in the Di Syndrome. This Mated Area also turns off the Date Offer Inhibitor - red arrow pointing out of the left side. We have seen in Only the Man must ask that the girl will wait to be asked out up to half a dozen times so she comes to feel that she is the guy's girl - then she will start to suggest things to do on dates as the Mate Offer Inhibitor is switched off. Thus this Area fits with others:

As shown in the Mated Area, in addition to turning off the Inhibitors, it also turns on other Areas associated with couple formation.

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