Refer to the Contents for a description of each Area. These provide arguments as to why each Area should exist - it does not imply where they may be found in the Brain - though the last Area has a discussion of how it might be done.

The courting process starts in the middle of the Map with Basic Attraction - but with all contact prevented by the Inhibitors. The man must overcome the Inhibitor (below Basic Attraction) and successfully offer a date, which takes place. After a few dates a couple formation takes place, with the Mated Area turning off the Inhibitors. Then the Physical Contact Areas above Basic Attraction can operate - the important parts of dates take place here. This complex system has evolved for couple formation - present in only a few species designed to help bring up the brood. For the advanced western world some of these are redundant - but impose great obstacles, as discussed under the various descriptions. Mate Rejects can occur in all parts of the process if the behaviour of one party goes outside the limits imposed by the various Areas - or is a source of dangerous misunderstandings. Obvious positive parts of the coupling process are Areas of Love, Mate Lost and Physical Contact. But these Areas can also operate against each other: Mate Unfaithful can also trigger Mate Lost, and cause cerebral distress. Other such cases are given in the descriptions. These Areas are far from perfectly formed.

The Stick Men on the left indicates whether contact with a man is allowed by the Areas. The position shown is a far a as possible the neutral position. A green arrow out of one Area turns the Area to which it is pointing on, a red arrow off. Thus a girl may be attracted to a man by the Basic Attraction Area - however if the Love Area is activated it will turn off Basic Attraction for all other men. Unfortunately if a girl is attracted to a man it will turn on the Inhibitor below - which operates to prevent contact with the man - indicated by the red arrow and the shadow Stick Man. The problems of overcoming this have been discussed, but if a man does manage to offer the girl a date (sometimes described as worse than charging a machine gun emplacement) and a number of dates ensue, then the Mated Area will start to turn off the Inhibitors. In the case of Physical Contact, the natural position is that its Inhibitor turns the Physical Contact Area off - so its not allowed with the man (as indicated by the Stick Man) - until the Mated Area turns this Inhibitor off - when the cuddling parts of dates can start. Clearly this is part of the pair or couple production. If you have any comments or experiences which can add to this material let me know - to send message.

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