Everyone will recognise the existence of a Love Area. How exactly it works is open to speculation, but it is clearly an important part of the pair production process in keeping the couple together. While we don't know how it operates the mode envisaged in the diagram below is similar to soft iron becoming magnetised. Iron is made up of small domains, or perhaps individual atoms, which can become magnetised in a particular direction. As more of them become magnetised in the same direction the iron starts to behave as a magnet - but as more of the domains become so magnetised it encourages more of the remaining domains to do so too. Some types of iron once magnetised stay that way unless something operates to randomise the domains again such as magnetic fields or heat.

The lines in the Love Area represent domains all aligned, as opposed to short lines all pointing in random directions. While some other process may well be occurring, the iron analogy can be used to reproduce known properties. It can remain that way if all goes well. If a couple split up, then after a couple of years (provided they don't meet again) then the Love Area may become randomised. If one of the couple abuses the other then randomisation may set in - akin to rough treatment of a magnet by hitting, fire or magnetic fields. If people change from the conditions which caused the alignments (as age may often tend to) gradual randomisation may occur. Some people have the theory that Love is designed to keep a couple together for the critical years of a baby's life - humans are particularly helpless for a couple of years, due to their large brains they are actually born prematurely.

The red arrow from Love indicates that Basic Attraction is turned off for everyone but the object of ones Love if the Love Area is aligned. This is indicated in the Clare Syndrome, together with other Brain Areas to be introduced.

This indicates that the Love Area is different from Basic Attraction. It is also different as it keeps the object of ones Love always on ones mind. If problems or dangers occur an all-pervading concern is generated until the danger or problem is averted. Clearly this is an Area central to keeping the couple together.

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