One can imagine from man's history that if he loses his mate, say by accident or kidnap, strong forces occur to get him or her back. There will be an all pervading concern on the mind, bodily changes occur giving one strength to find and rescue ones mate, doing without food or sleep. One will not be able to sleep, and will not be hungry. We have seen that some of these things occur in The Oscillating Syndrome of Girls' Behaviour in Courtship. For breaking up can also cause this Brain Area to be triggered.

Mate Lost is activated by the Mated Area, and the consequences if Mate Lost is subsequently triggered is written below.

It has been found that triggering Mate Lost in break-ups can be avoided if there is no particular moment when break-up occurs. This can happen if people are going in different directions on leaving school or college, or changing jobs. If nothing is said about the future of a relationship based around such institutions there may be no problems - the affair can be just left to die. Perhaps the issue is that one could always resurrect the affair if one wanted to - it has not actually ever been ended. In real life when this sort of thing happens, one of the parties generally forces the issue - leading to a break in a particular moment in time - resulting in the full force of the Oscillating Syndrome occurring - powered largely by the Mate Lost Brain Area.

In the modern advanced courting of multiple affairs, Cerebral Distress can result from Mate Unfaithful trigging Mate Reject which in turn triggers Mate Lost - or because you feel the time has come to end your current affair. Lining up someone else beforehand can be an antidote - from the The Alternative Syndrome.

Fitting Mate Lost with other Areas:

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