A number of patterns of behaviour have been deduced in Girls' behaviour in courtship. The assumption is that each one of these behavioural patterns must have an area of the brain controlling it to produce the behaviour. The aim of this second study is to attempt to identify these Brain Areas - and produce a map of them. It is not intended in this study to identify where in the brain such Areas lie, but to demonstrate that they must exist - and importantly the connections between them. This will be undertaken by taking obvious known behaviours - such as girls tend to be attracted to guys giving a Basic Attraction Area - and the Syndromes in Girls' behaviour in courtship, which tend to indicate that one Brain Area interacts with other Areas. For example, in the Di Syndrome a girl with a boyfriend may be far less inhibited with another guy she is very attracted to compared with when she does not have a boyfriend. This leads to the conclusion that a girl is in a very different state when she has a boyfriend - which indicates a Brain Area - which must turn off an Inhibitor Area, which we will have a lot to say about - and has already been discussed in Girls' behaviour in courtship.

A simple example most people will recognise is the existence of a Love Area, but this will turn off the Basic Attraction Area for other guys.

One can observe birds. The male will dart towards the female, who will flit away a considerable distance. But then she will flit back towards the male - who will dart towards her again. This process continues for a while, with the female flitting closer to the male and not going so far away - until eventually the male mounts her. This is remarkably similar to the advance and avoids we saw in The Catastrophe Model. Birds are descended from the dinosaurs. There is at least 100 million years before us and birds go back to a common ancestor. The behavioural patterns we are witnessing are extremely old - even more so than was discussed in Girls' behaviour in courtship.

A considerable complication is that we are one of relatively few species that form pairs or couples. Thus these Brain Areas we must expect are set up to produce this. So the above example of a Love Area is formed for one person for another, and hopefully visa versa. Then we see that the Love Area turns off the Basic Attraction for other people. We are getting to pair formation and keeping them together. A number of the Syndromes in Girls' behaviour in courtship can be seen as operating to split the pair up when one of them is perceived as not behaving appropriately. Girls' behaviour in courtship concluded that these behavioural patterns which were formed in worlds very different from the modern advanced western nations often do not operate properly. The map of these Brain Areas may give further insights to this.

As a Brain Area is introduced a diagram of it will be given. As more Areas are considered they will be put together with other Areas where they have an impact or connection. Thus the map will grow.

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