Mate Reject

In the Jane/Jean Syndrome of Girls' Behaviour in Courtship, we saw that if a girl suggests sex and the man declines the relationship is likely to fly apart, especially if early in the relationship. This is not surprising given what nature is trying to do in the previous Brain Area, All or Nothing.

There are several cases during the courting process when Mate Reject is triggered - right before it starts with the Isobel Syndrome, at any time when a girl feels her man is being unfaithful, and at any time in the All or Nothing Syndrome if the Intimacy is not what the girl thinks it should be. It may be there is one Mate Reject Area, which other Brain Areas can trigger if the man's behaviour goes outside limits set by the Area - or each Area could have its own built in Reject process. In real life these Brain Areas will be grouped in three dimensions - where a Mate Reject Area could be grouped near all those Areas which are liable to trigger it. This is more difficult to achieve when plotting on 2D paper. This point could be resolved by modern methods of seeing what parts of the brain are active in different circumstances. It may be possible to see what part of the brain is active in a girl suffering from Isobel Syndrome, what part for Mate Unfaithful, and again for Mate Declines (although a girl may not want to confide such a thing to an experimenter). If two parts of the brain are active - one part always the same, then there is one Reject Area, with an Area triggering it. Other Brain Areas could also be pin-pointed: Mate Lost, Love, Physical Body Contact, Basic Attraction when in sight of a suitable man - all may produce intense brain activity. So might the Inhibitors for a girl who desperately wants to overcome one of them. Thus it should be possible to find out if these Areas are tightly grouped together, or spread out in one or more parts of the brain.

To print out the complete map of the Brain Areas we have deduced, set margins at 19mm for A4 paper:

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